The value we provide

The Spruance Group supports the strategic and operational risk needs of financial services firms and related technology businesses. We do so by taking a pragmatic view of the myriad risks associated with the day-to-day operations of growing companies. We help identify the most complex problems that limit long-term growth; work with leadership to measure the ‘cost’ of these risks from a risk-reward perspective; propose solutions to best eliminate, mitigate, hedge or accept these risks; and help create business-as-usual processes that perpetuate the benefits going forward.
Pricing Model Risk

Is the revenue derived from your pricing model correlated with asset prices or the volatility of those prices? Early identification of these correlations can greatly improve your strategic risk profile; reduce the variability of future revenues; and provide competitive advantages when innovation is introduced into the pricing model equation.

Product lifecycle Risk

Early identification and mitigation of the major risks inherent in product development is essential for successful launches. Equally important, as the product matures and begins the normal lifecycle process, identifying and mitigating risks encountered during this phase can lengthen product life and reduce resources necessary for normal performance.

User Access Risk

Perhaps the single biggest challenge today for most financial services and tech-related firms is how to create repeatable, business-as-usual processes that mitigate the myriad risks associated with users accessing confidential data. It’s rather easy to create in-depth processes that, on the surface, seem to eliminate user access risk; but the only viable way to really mitigate this risk is to create processes that everyone—leadership, employees, risk stakeholders—can live with – day-in and day-out.

Strategic Risk integration

The strategic integration of InfoSec and operational risk processes allows your leadership team to better understand the implications of these seemingly disparate risks. This understanding facilitates better decision-making in how to measure, prioritize and mitigate these key strategic risks.

The Team

Patrick Lefler
Most everything I’ve learned in business has come out of the three major experiences in my life. My leadership expertise comes from working side-by-side and leading outstanding men and women while serving as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. My critical thinking and analytic risk skills come from my experience as a bond trader for Goldman, Sachs & Co. And my FinTech knowledge comes from my near decade-long experience with the software firm, Wall Street Systems – a former Warburg Pincus portfolio company.

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